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Subacute Care Specialists

JDT Villa 2015In today's medical climate, many physicians are unable to take the time away from their busy practices to follow their patients requiring subacute care. Consequently, patients are often randomly assigned to a facility and physician resulting in little to no continuity of care. To ensure that every patient would have the same opportunity routinely available to Allied Medical Associates (AMA) patients, Subacute Care Specialists (SCS), a division of AMA, was developed by Dr. Anthony J. Barravecchio. The AMA Subacute Care Specialists encompasses a team approach to each individual's particular needs and is continuously building new relationships with physicians and patients alike who would benefit from their services. AMA’s Subacute Care Specialist division has a 15-year track record of reducing patients’ length of stays, reducing hospital readmission rates and keeping overall healthcare costs down. Allied Medical Associate’s Subacute Care Specialists team is proud to have made a strong affiliation with JDT Rehab. This top-rated facility offers private subacute rooms, cutting edge physical therapy services and an attention to detail that is unmatched in the region. Dr. Barravecchio, who is JDT’s Medical Director, heads a highly skilled team of healthcare professionals that provide unparalleled care onsite.

The AMA Subacute Care Specialists team is comprised of board certified physicians as well as physician extenders. Together they are able to provide extensive on site coverage at JDT. Members of Allied Medical Associates Subacute Care Specialist Team are readily available on site 40+ hours per week. Dr. Barravecchio’s role aside from routinely rounding on patients multiple times per week also includes weekly Utilization Review meetings as well as periodic Quality Assurance meetings with the various department heads at JDT. AMA Subacute Care Specialists are credentialed professionals who routinely round at JDT. These specialists include, but are not limited to: wound care, physiatry, cardiology, infectious disease, pulmonology, gastroenterology, vascular surgery, general surgery, neurology, and psychology. The AMA Subacute Care Specialists team also has strong ties to the various departments at JDT including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Nutrition.

Once deemed medically stable, AMA Subacute Care Specialists works with the discharge team to facilitate a smooth transition from subacute care to the outpatient setting. If necessary, long-term nursing care options are also available at JDT including skilled dementia units. If a particular institution is not the best solution for a patient, AMA Subacute Care Specialists can arrange transfer to one of its many affiliated centers to find the perfect fit. If not their own patient, AMA Subacute Care Specialists can continue to care for the patient or defer care back to the primary care physician. If the patient is deemed appropriate for discharge home, but can not make it into the physician's office for follow up, a member of the AMA Subacute Care Specialists team can be made available for a house call. In addition, the AMA Subacute Care Specialists team takes great pride in keeping referring primary care physicians and specialists informed of their patient's progress. They provide a detailed discharge summary of each patient's subacute course as well as a list and supply of medications upon discharge.

If a patient requires re-admission to the hospital during their stay, AMA Subacute Care Specialists will contact the referring physician to resume care of his/her patient in their hospital of choice. If for some reason, a patient requires emergent care at a local hospital that the referring physician is not credentialed, an AMA Subacute Care Specialists doctor will take over the care of the patient until stable for transfer.

In addition, if a patient is deemed appropriate for acute care rehabilitation, AMA Subacute Care Specialists can arrange transfer to the prestigious nationally ranked Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, where it's director, Dr. Barravecchio, also oversees a team of internists providing 24 hours/7 days per week in house coverage.

If you would like the AMA Subacute Care Specialists team to be involved in the care of a loved one, or if you are a physician in need of our services, please request AMA Subacute Care Specialists by name. You may contact our office directly at 973-942-6005 or the JDT Admissions office directly at 973-317-7500 Extension 1. The AMA Subacute Care Specialists division looks forward to helping you achieve your subacute goals.